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Articles on Life Transformation

Lisa turned to drugs to escape the loneliness of her past, but while she was in jail, facing 25 years to life, she finally found the love she desired...

Years of alcohol abuse destroyed Jason’s liver, and after being kicked off the transplant list, he surrendered his life to God.

Author and Facebook Executive Nona Jones shares how the trappings of success left her stuck in childhood trauma until she pursued healing in Christ.

Dr. Bill Hamon discusses his latest book, “Your Highest Calling” and the process through which believers can fulfill their destinies. 


When Quitting is Your New Year's Resolution

What can we do to make our resolution to quit become our reality?

The first two chapters of the Bible offer a foundation for personal identity and dignity.

Ryan Ries shares how his party lifestyle led to addictions until God stepped in. 

Jay lived a life of looking for the next best things, but he always felt empty. When his marriage unraveled, he finally cried out to God.

In 10 years, John lost over $500,000 to his gambling addiction. With nowhere else to turn, he took a gamble on God.

Rob and Diane Perez were successful restaurateurs, but their lives felt shallow until they opened DV8 Kitchen, a café that hires people in recovery.


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