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Articles on Motherhood

From the outside, it seemed like Nancy Chalmers and her family had it all together: a Christian family pursuing their own “American Dream.” But when...

Whether you are grieving the loss of a mother, motherhood, or losing a child, Mother's Day can be hard. It's ok to tend your mother's heart. Here's...

Mother and daughter bond

Strengthening that Mother-Daughter Bond

Our relationship with our mother affects all our other relationships.

I wondered if I’d made the right decision by making an adoption plan.

Elizabeth longed for children but couldn’t have any of her own. She prayed to be a mother—see how her dream came true.


Why Mother’s Day Almost Didn’t Happen

Do you know the story behind Mother's Day and why its champion eventually denounced it? Find out on this week's Family Matters' blog...

No matter how much I prayed, I could not control my anger. I had to be honest with myself—I was abusing my child.

Author Jim Burns shares 10 essential ingredients for building and maintaining a happy family.

Author Lisa-Jo Baker appeals to moms everywhere -- give yourself a break.

Author Devon Wallace shares her wake up call to action for mothers to raise the next generation.  


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