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Articles on Prayer

Bobby was unresponsive after a violent car crash. His family’s prayers and unwavering faith kept them strong as they spoke life over their dying son...

From the outside, it seemed like Nancy Chalmers and her family had it all together: a Christian family pursuing their own “American Dream.” But when...

Pennie lived through 2 car accidents when she was young but suffered from migraines for 30 years. She was miraculously healed, and now she has a...

A prayer to relieve uncontrollable weeping saves a woman a lot of grief.  

Jim was dead for thirteen minutes. When doctors got his heart restarted, they expected lasting damage.

Terrible, incurable hives caused Sue unimaginable physical and emotional pain until one day she heard a prayer just for her. 

The Bromley’s made international news when Chelsea saved her son from a cougar. She credits prayer and God for Zach’s survival. 

While recovering cancer surgery, Tony suffered a pulmonary embolism that should have killed him.

Larry was wheelchair bound, delusional, and given only weeks to live. His wife prepared for the worst. Then one morning he woke up fully functional...

When Ammie began saying “no” to God, her life began to unravel. Then she was diagnosed with mental illness and saddled with debt. She craved an...


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