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Articles on Prayer

Some prayers seem to go unanswered for years, yet behind the scenes God is working. His orchestration in matters of the heart can redeem lost time.

After over 25 years of agony following a car accident, see how prayer set Bobbie free from pain. 

The perfect storm of infections that gave Clyde a fever so high that doctors feared brain damage. Thinking she would lose him, Clyde’s wife reached...

After dealing with terrible pain in her sternum for over 20 years from an open heart surgery, Nancy was finally healed!

While playing softball, Ken suffered a massive heart attack. Doctors believed there was little reason to hold onto hope.

Sheila Walsh discusses her new book, Praying Women, and how women can embrace the lifechanging power of a healthy prayer life.

Sheila Walsh answers questions about her latest book, Praying Women, teaching women how to pray when they don't know what to say,

While gathering rocks for his geology class, Cole was struck by a drunk driver. Doctors were skeptical of his ability to survive, but his family...

Helpful tips on how to prioritize evangelism in the New Year.

Burning pain in Kristin’s feet hindered her active lifestyle. She wasn’t sure what was wrong, or if doctors could help, but then she turned on The...


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