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Articles on Revival

The Early Days of the Pentecostal Movement: Spiritual Life on CBN.com

Terry Fullam cut an imposing figure as he stepped into the dark-brown pulpit of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Darien, Connecticut, a suburban town of...

Everybody from Nehemiah and Ezra to Bill McCartney and Bill Bright has talked about revival. But what is it? Scholars disagree.

Revival actually starts with a person getting a kind of life that is Christ-like. Revival is not just what happens in a meeting. It is what happens...

Much of what happens in our world is tied to Israel because it's God's chosen nation. In this 700 Club interview with Sid Roth, the founder of...

We are in a fresh season of awakening. People are beginning to experience, hunger for and thirst for God in new ways. People everywhere are finding...

Our own minds are the residence of fear and dread, self-concern and anger, and, worst of all, covetousness and hatred. Those tenants of the mind play...

Mark Earley of Prison Fellowship: As the senior pastor and founder of New York’s largest evangelical church, A. R. Bernard told the Times, 'When...

As He so often does, God chose a man to unlatch the windows of darkened churches to let in the light.

The gloom began to lift in April 2005 when the church hosted a time of public repentance led by retired Florida pastor and author Peter Lord. During...


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