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Articles on Salvation

Would you want to spend all eternity in a heaven where evil and sin were allowed?

Answering these two questions will help a father know if he's headed in the right direction as a parent.

The second Person of the Trinity took on flesh in order to save us from our sins.

Death-to-life examples in nature are shadows of a much greater reality God designed.

What a story. A lady once filled with seven demons, most likely schizophrenic, was the chosen one to go to the disciples and proclaim the risen...


Trading Our Sorrows and Shame

We exchange shame and sorrow for peace and joy. It's an extravagant trade that cost one man his life.

God's unconditional love for us is meant to flow through us as well.

Helpful tips on how to prioritize evangelism in the New Year.

Helpful tips on how to share your faith during the Christmas season.

In our human-centered understanding, we try to make up other avenues to get to heaven.


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