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Articles on Sickness

When you place your faith in the Omnipotent God, believing on His awesome power with all your heart, He will enable you to achieve the insurmountable...

A young pastor shares his terrifying journey of conquering tongue cancer and making a comeback to sing again. 

While recovering cancer surgery, Tony suffered a pulmonary embolism that should have killed him.

A rare and aggressive form of bone cancer upended Marjorie’s life, and severe treatment threatened to take her life. Then she met God in a dream, and...

Josh and Aly Taylor share how Aly was left infertile after a fight with cancer, and how they became parents to three kids in three months.

John never had time to be sick until a mysterious illness left him on his deathbed and his community praying for a miracle.

Doug thought his fits of coughing were allergies until his doctor discovered cancer in his body. Given a few months to live, Doug fasted and prayed...

A widow named Daw works long hours in a clothing factory in Myanmar to support her daughter Win. Suddenly something terrible happened: Win became ill...

Linda suffered with a sinus infection for weeks until a prayer on TV healed her completely.

When a 10-year-old's appendix bursts, a routine surgery yields complications. The boy’s family prays that he’ll be brought back from the brink of...


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