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Articles on Sickness

With only months to live, Merilee held on to scriptures and prayer...with a miraculous outcome.

A family in Cambodia was slowly dying from drinking bad water. See how you can help end the deadly water crisis, village by village.

Becky tells the story of her husband's harrowing diagnosis with Ebola, then Malaria, and how prayer changed everything when he had only hours to live...

This mother of two in India earns a meager living, but sadly, much of her income goes to medical bills due to awater-borne illness. Her village water...

A baby boy named ZiBo was born in China, and his parents were shocked to learn that he had four holes in his heart. Then, he developed further...

She sadly watched the other girls practicing for the Spring Festival, but LiFen was forbidden to dance, or do anything that would strain her ailing...

Brothers Cameron and Caden were approaching death until medical tests confirmed the impossible. 

Pianist Daniel Colaner shares how he survived Stage IV cancer and played at Carnegie Hall. 

A drink from the polluted river was like drinking from a toilet. But Jennalyn had no choice. Four times a day she would fetch water for bathing her...

Xun Ji’s life was miserable. His mother hid his face with an umbrella, rain or shine. People called him names, and he was constantly sick because of...


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