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Articles on Suicide

Having both grown-up in abusive homes, Phillip and Darlena’s marriage suffered from a lack of communication and inner healing. Find out what brought...

With a successful career in law enforcement, Michael McSellers appeared to have achieved his purpose until the trauma of the job began to haunt him...

Church hurt leads Tasha to seek truth in other religions, but the hopeless conditions nearly rob her of life and a promising ...

Sandra recovers from extreme loss and poverty through the lifeline food distribution center supported by Operation Blessing. 

After several combat tours with the military, Nick suffered from PTSD. His marriage fell apart and he became suicidal. 

Brennan’s abusive father and sexual abuse from female relatives led him down a road of addiction, suicide attempts, and homelessness. 

After years of struggles, suicides, and depression, Josh overcame poverty and landed a good job, but that wasn’t enough to fill the void. 

Unsuccessful suicide attempts only enforced Daneen’s idea that she was worthless. At her lowest, she received a phone call that changed...

After being on both sides of the law, Anthony finally decided how he was going to live his life.

The shame and guilt of sleeping around drives Lindsay to suicide. But then God intervened.


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