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Articles on Temptation

Turn on your TV set any night of the week and you’ll see entertainment that would have delighted the most bloodthirsty citizen of ancient Rome.Out of...

Standing firm in today's world as a solid, sold-out man of God may seem like an impossible calling only fit for prophets and preachers. But the call...

Eustace’s rebirth is a pinnacle part of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, when Aslan guides him in the ‘undressing’ of his dragon scales.

The beauty of C.S. Lewis’ work is the allegorical message it conveys.

In 2006, Kirk Franklin admitted on the Oprah Winfrey Show that he had become addicted to pornography. But through the glory of God he was delivered...

Twenty-five years ago, I had an affair with a coworker. My relationship with Jake started innocently when I noticed that he laughed at the same...

Love your enemies. Forgive those who wrong you. Turn the other cheek. Think of others before yourself. Serve rather than be served. Do people...

CBN.com - Josh Turner was a student at Belmont University in 2000 when he went to the library on campus one evening to listen to the new Hank...


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