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Devotions on Church

A well-used Bible, full of personal notes of reflection, underscores and highlights, and prayers for others, becomes a legacy.

Bible stories are true accounts of men and women God chose to place in the Holy Scriptures for our benefit. We are to learn from them.

Discover the ways God speaks and you will be able to hear Him more clearly.

God is still building houses for Himself, but it’s not just the brick and mortar or wood of church buildings.

I was guilty of turning into a believer in name only, who chose to avoid a meaningful and purposeful relationship with my Lord.

Will we be serving with joy, even when it’s a dirty job?

We often miss God’s blessing because it comes through someone with whom we disagree.

Jesus said He didn’t come into the world to condemn it, but to save it.

When you are part of God's family, togetherness fosters growth and blessings.

People pleasers never end up as God pleasers. We often make the mistake of trying to win the Lord’s approval by how we perform before man....


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