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Devotions on Conflict

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Devotions on Conflict

It's difficult to hear the voice of God or spend quality time in His presence if we are fighting with others.

Some of the drama in your life could actually be God saving you from a more dangerous situation down the road.

When circumstances cause your friends to turn against you and it feels as though everyone has forsaken you, where can you turn?

Our journey with God may look a lot like the Epaulette’s journey out of water.

Allowing God to change me immediately changed how I responded to what I faced at work.

God does not always sweep away our problems but He does promise to be with us through the trials.

It's natural for dogs to dig and hide bones. And it's natural for humans to hide things as well.

Choose to love hard-hearted people out of a fundamental belief in God’s bigger plan: reconciliation. Love as Jesus did.

When tempted to complain, why not send up a silent prayer of thanks instead?

We see David rise, fall, and rise again; and we learn from this shepherd warrior king that there is no sin that cannot be washed away and forgiven.


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