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Devotions on Experiencing God

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Devotions on Experiencing God

God is merciful. He desires all to come to Him rather than spend an eternity in hell.

Every time I ventured out to feed my little herd of kitties, I’d get ambushed by a mob of bellowing hungry balls of fur. 

Circumstances that involve loss, unfair treatment, illness, or broken relationships are the wilderness places that God uses to shape, refine, and...

The Bible says we will see the Lord God face to face in heaven.

At the scene of an accident, God exchanged fear for comfort.

Find a sense of God's peace and joy while observing His divine presence in nature.

How do we know if we should just be still and watch our Father at work or pick up a tool and help?

Nothing robs the peace and joy from a Christian's life more than constant busyness.

A heart of unashamed praise can banish fear, apprehension, and anxiety.

At the slightest offense, the Queen of Hearts shouts, "Off with their heads!" This story makes me wonder about how people see God.


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