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Devotions on Failure

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Devotions on Failure

God chooses to work through the humble so that others can follow Him not them.

When I get discouraged, I just want to enjoy a dull, mindless day blanketed in self-pity — this becomes my to-do list.

Sometimes the chains of regret weigh so heavy they seem unbreakable. 

Be still. That’s easier said than done, isn’t it?

Oh that more of us were like Eliezer: humble and bold and eager to work in the shadows on behalf of others.

God is patient. What would happen if you emulated Him and stopped being so hard on yourself? Living in regret doesn’t help us move forward.

God desires my obedience, not a burnt offering of hardship and physical sacrifice. He is most pleased when I humbly lead others toward His grace.

We can be assured that one day we will claim the prize that never fades away.

Sin can look pretty desirable on the outside, promising loads of sweet tantalizing enjoyment. 

The greatest gift we can leave our children is a spiritual legacy unencumbered by the past. 


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