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Devotions on Faith

In the simple act of people saying "Yes" to what makes no sense, God is able to work through them to do the miraculous.

I went to the Bible to find comfort, and I found a lot of good men who had committed their lives to the Lord, getting beat up. I used them as...

I've doubted God and I've wrestled with Him when I didn't like His plan for me.

Spiritual readiness cannot be bought or borrowed at the last minute.

Super Bowl Sunday. A bad time to visit my friend who had been ill for several weeks.

How convinced are we that God is good when circumstances are not?

The real problem starts when we allow our minds to get off track and our hearts to fill up with fear.

Even though the doctor's words should have brought devastation, Dave was filled with a quiet assurance.

We have a new nature that needs to reflect a Christlikeness different from our old nature.

The bitter water at Marah was symbolic of what was taking place in the hearts of the Hebrews.


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