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Devotions on Grace

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Devotions on Grace

As unfair as they may seem, strong consequences can help prevent wrongdoing.

Diamonds and stalwart Christians are formed in a similar fashion — by heat and pressure.

Thoughts of judgment day do not have to make you squirm.

Did you know that the word "blah" is actually listed in the dictionary?

Nothing like six baby lambs to gain spiritual insight on our resemblance to sheep.

God could have easily given up on the Israelites. But he didn't. And he hasn't given up on us.

When we are in hopeless situations because of bad decisions or rebellion, we must remember the truth about our good Father.

If I have faith in Jesus Christ, but I keep on sinning even though I don't want to, will I be kept out of heaven?

When our anxiety is great, God can console us and restore our joy.

Getting a speeding ticket can be costly, but not always.


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