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Devotionals on Grief

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Devotionals on Grief

The grieving process can be long, but with God as our source of hope in those dark places, it seems a lot more doable to continue living and reaching...

We all need healing and hope in times of grief. Trust in God's comforting presence, just as the psalmist David did. Whether it's the loss of a loved...

Experience remarkable peace from the Holy Spirit when you worship the Lord in the midst of your difficulties. You'll feel His love like never before...

In the face of devastating loss and adversity, Job maintained his faith and conversed openly with the Almighty. Through his unwavering communication...

When tragedy hits and you feel all is lost, you can probably relate to Naomi, a main character in the Old Testament book, Ruth. She wanted to be left...

With God, since existence is in a different form and continuum, there’s no concept of time.

When we suffer hardships, let us remember Jesus Christ, holy and just, who came to save humanity, but was rejected, wounded, beaten, and humiliated....

Why God? Where were you? Why didn’t you come? Ever screamed such words at God? I know I have!

The word thanks is probably one of the shortest words, but it carries a big meaning. How many times do we forget to give thanks?

Crying is a universal language that we all speak at some time in our lives. It is alright to cry out to God.


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