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Devotions on Healing

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Devotions on Healing

The bitter water at Marah was symbolic of what was taking place in the hearts of the Hebrews.

Making God-honoring decisions doesn’t begin with a formula. First, we should remind ourselves of God’s attributes.

The only thing Jim could do, while trapped on the table, was use his secret weapon.

Illness wears our bodies out, causing both physical and emotional weakness. We need a touch from the Master.

God promises us in His Holy Word to be with us in the ups and downs of life. So we should not fear. 

It is hard to condemn the nine healed lepers who failed to show Jesus their gratitude when I think of the many times I have forgotten to thank God.

What demonstration of faith would cause Jesus to say, “I haven’t seen faith like this in all Israel”?

The truly satisfying aspect of ministry is the joy of seeing someone’s life changed through an encounter with Jesus.

Jesus felt compassion for others regardless of how his day went.

Absolutely nothing is impossible for Christ, and we are one with Him! 


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