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Devotions on Heaven

I’m not going to worry about my obscure life. God knows me, and that’s enough. Does God know you – know you well?

The prayers of God's people collectively fill heavenly bowls with a sweet aroma.

This novice skier learned more than how to navigate the beginner slopes.

Life is not about where you start but where you finish.

I've heard it said that each of us has a hole in the heart that only God can fill. 

Nothing catches God off guard and He is working all things out in your life for His perfect purpose.

When we live our lives with Heaven in mind, we see death from a new perspective.

It was customary in Jesus' day, when someone extended an invitation to share a meal with you, to break bread as it were, it signified they...

Today, we can each choose to walk in life or death. The kind of people we are is determined by the ultimate choice we make.

In the same manner that floodgates are forced open with continuous rainfall, the floodgates of Heaven burst open with our continuous prayers.


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