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Devotions on Holy Spirit

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Devotions on Holy Spirit

A heart of unashamed praise can banish fear, apprehension, and anxiety.

As Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit on them, He spoke of forgiveness.

Christians' bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and there's a special place inside for an altar to the Lord.

Rivers of living water flow from the hearts of those who believe in Jesus.

The Christian journey is filled with highs and lows. We follow Christ, not in order to hold onto the highs but to remain faithful always.

The biggest compliment we can receive is to be told we look like our Father.

Cherish the moments with your children with all your heart.

If God is calling you to step out in blind faith, then obey Him and do it! Don’t wait for that perfect time.

Thankfully, God stands ready to enable us to serve others, but also to forgive us when we fail to have that servant’s heart. 

What does it mean to be set apart for God?


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