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Devotions on Hope

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Devotions on Hope

Nothing is final except for Jesus' ultimate triumph over every evil and every agony on this planet.

Parents notice the little improvements their children make as they grow and so does our Heavenly Father.

My husband inherited a 66-acre tobacco farm and we decided to become farmers. What could go wrong?

The Bible says we must share in God's suffering that we might also share in His glory.

We live in a world of trouble and turmoil in which the righteous and the unrighteous are affected alike.

Jesus wants to raise you from the dead depths of despair and give you hope and strength to endure life's difficulties.

Since we should be preparing for the end-times, I don’t understand how we have the time to do nothing.

The early church understood continuous prayer was necessary because spiritual warfare is continuous.

Jesus wants you to learn that you can face the enemy on the outside because He is with you on the inside.

There is nothing common or ordinary about a completely surrendered heart. When we place ourselves in the Master’s hands, the possibilities are...


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