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Devotions on Hope

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Devotions on Hope

Do we face challenges with determination, or do we allow them to determine our destiny?

The idea of birthing a baby in her old age seemed far-fetched to Sarah and to some of us too.

In the midst of all the oddities of this year, you can be confident without jumping to conclusions. 

I think we can be honest with God. The truth shall set you free, He says.

When you find yourself in one of life's ruts, stop, look down at the string that holds you, and break free.

I was so ill I couldn’t even remember my address.

God could have easily given up on the Israelites. But he didn't. And he hasn't given up on us.

What we pay for something reflects its value to us. It is the same with Almighty God.

When we are in hopeless situations because of bad decisions or rebellion, we must remember the truth about our good Father.

At 31, a retinal disease robbed my sight and fear came pouring in.


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