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Devotions on Integrity

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Devotions on Integrity

It's not a proud moment when you discover, after many years of Christian service, you really weren't serving in the name of Jesus.

If loving someone in the name of the Lord would cause you to risk everything in order to offer a helping hand, would you still do it?

Have you noticed God is a God of precision? He loves details.

Every New Year’s Eve, one of the most common English-speaking songs people sing is “Auld Lang Syne.” What does the title mean?

God loves to hear us. He takes great pleasure in receiving our thanks and our love.

Even when the news is hard to share, God will honor the obedient messenger.

Many of us might consider a man facing execution a loser. But because of the life he led, this man was actually a winner!

We can protect ourselves from false doctrine by comparing what we hear to the whole counsel of the Bible.

Negative words used without love may be more harmful than physical hurts.

We must humble ourselves as little children so that we can again become teachable.


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