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Devotionals on Jewish Roots

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Devotionals on Jewish Roots

Can you imagine being just eight years old and being made king?  That is exactly what happened to Josiah in 2 Chronicles. Through a journey...

After several friends had encountered debilitating or life-threatening illnesses, this author admits she couldn't help but ask God, why? She shares a...

This author's studies in Jerusalem gave her a new perspective on the unity that God brings us within the body of Christ, even when differences and...

Christmas in Israel revealed a deeper truth about the meaning of reconciliation.

Staying on the right path and being obedient are key. We are to lead and teach, not fall short and follow the crowd.

While Peter may get most of the attention, what if Andrew had failed to bring his brother to the Lord? How different history might have been!

As I stood on the stone steps of Joppa looking at the hoary wooden door, reading the sign that says House of Simon the Tanner’s, I couldn’t help but...

Every day is a new day where we can make decisions that influence our life, either positively or negatively.

Are we training up a generation of mighty warriors for the Lord?

Long before Jesus' disciples asked HIm how to pray, the Lord gave us important guidance on how we should pray for each other.


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