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Devotions on Life Transformation

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Devotions on Life Transformation

God is merciful. He desires all to come to Him rather than spend an eternity in hell.

True beauty can't be bought. It's best acquired from a heavenly source.

Adopting three sisters from Ukraine revealed parallels that exist in our adoption as God's children.

None of those people could possibly have known the morning of September 11th would be the final page of their story.

Spending meaningful time with our heavenly Father increases our joy.

Our minds and hearts can be so much like over-stuffed, messy closets. It is time to clean house and let everything go.

King Jehoshaphat’s prayer can guide our days of social distancing in a pandemic.

Obeying God leads to freedom, promotion, and overflowing blessings. 

As the drama unfolds, a maple seed shows us the secret of a transformed life.

Our God is very capable of bringing complete restoration in our lives just as He raised Lazarus from the dead.


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