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Devotions on Life Transformation

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Devotions on Life Transformation

God is merciful. He desires all to come to Him rather than spend an eternity in hell.

True beauty can't be bought. It's best acquired from a heavenly source.

Sometimes we need to stop expecting and start teaching.

Super Bowl Sunday. A bad time to visit my friend who had been ill for several weeks.

It is not good enough to merely sit in church, sing the right songs, memorize Scripture, wear the right clothes, and know all the Holy Spirit catch-...

Those filled with the Spirit of God can know the difference between the real and the false.

Watch God use your words in big ways.

You cannot truly encounter the God of the universe and not be eternally changed.

When God revises the script of life, past difficulties become favors in disguise.

We are called to store up our treasures in heaven and loosely hold onto earthly things.


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