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Devotions on Living Victoriously

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Devotions on Living Victoriously

I often wonder what my family and others observe in my life. Do they see me honoring the Lord? 

Boundaries and limits are not the same. Learn the difference.

Just like the Israelites, how many Christians get stuck in the wilderness or even on the edge of their promised land?

Recognize the opportunities to use God's power to influence our world.

What happened to my joy? The question haunted me when depression moved in, but God didn’t leave me there. Here’s what I learned in the darkness.

I like anger when I feel wounded and weak. I like it because it makes me feel strong. However, that strength is fake.

We see David rise, fall, and rise again; and we learn from this shepherd warrior king that there is no sin that cannot be washed away and forgiven.

I took a break from working on my spiritual life. The moments turned into an hour, an hour turned into a day, a day into a week, and before I...

The issue is not whether we will be left behind at Jesus' coming, but whether we are already being left behind in fulfilling His purposes for our...

Satan fears those who truly grasp hold of God’s Word and begin using it to their advantage. He knows the power the Word carries, and that he is no...


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