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Devotions on Love

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Devotions on Love

Real love is about giving, not receiving.

Think of your prayers as spiritual hugs.

We are to stand before one another spiritually transparent. It may not be easy bearing our true selves to one another, but it is necessary.

With the faith of a child, we can see without reservation that Jesus is real.

God chose to love us before any of us loved Him. Love is a deliberate action.

Maybe we should use February 14 to reach out to those who don't come to mind when we think of valentines.

Jesus felt compassion for others regardless of how his day went.

All who needed a friendly ear or an impartial voice were welcome to come in and join Shirley.

I grew up thinking my father was the coolest guy around. One day, the pedestal cracked and my father tumbled down.

Christmas love is depicted by God's gift of His son to the world. It's selfless love.


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