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Devotions on Parenting

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Devotions on Parenting

Parents notice the little improvements their children make as they grow and so does our Heavenly Father.

God is a magnificent fireworks display. He is powerful and He holds nothing back from us. Take God's outstretched hand and walk with Him each...

God doesn't rush into anything. He knows time is sometimes the greatest teacher of all.

Our imperfections are not an excuse to plateau as a parent. We keep learning. 

As children watch Godly mothers lean on the Lord, they too will understand that calling on God, all the while trusting in Him, is the only way...

It is hard to condemn the nine healed lepers who failed to show Jesus their gratitude when I think of the many times I have forgotten to thank God.

Even before they can focus, newborns look toward faces.

We have a God who never changes, yet He knows that we, His people, constantly need to. 

The blender spawned years of reminiscing as I watched our son pack it for college.

I still don't know how my mother transformed her black caped, green-streaked, sad little witch into a white-laced, blushing, flower-laden bride....


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