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Devotions on Strength

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Devotions on Strength

What is it about a simple change in weather that can bring out the best in people? It's almost like each new season is a new beginning.

Through faith, our pain and trials become our trophies.

Wield your spiritual sword and fight the enemy of your soul, mind, and heart.

The secret to spiritual learning is not to read more, but to go deeper. Go deeper in your reading in order to go deeper with Christ.

Running on autopilot can be dangerous. We can miss so much.

We are in a tug of war every day. The war is with our hearts. 

Look to God who always sees our condition and acts to help us.

When I'm more focused on me than the souls of those around me, I miss chance opportunities to explain why I have such hope.

Our minds and hearts can be so much like over-stuffed, messy closets. It is time to clean house and let everything go.

God's love for us never quits and never gives up on any of us.


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