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Devotions on Stress

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Devotions on Stress

Diamonds and stalwart Christians are formed in a similar fashion — by heat and pressure.

God does not always sweep away our problems but He does promise to be with us through the trials.

Finding our security in Christ rather than in our own ability can be painful and humbling.

God's love for us never quits and never gives up on any of us.

Do you have an overactive harmful imagination? There is a cure for those of us who suffer a chronic expectation of the worst.

A helping hand talks so much louder than words. Many need to see someone care beyond a "Hi" and "Goodbye."

For most Christians, we go through life with a sense that we know God. After all, we’ve read God’s Word and walked with Him. But do we really know...

I am aware that with God all things are possible. However, there are some things that are not made to be possible. It just isn’t in God’s plan for us...

This remote is an example that life is too busy and stuffed, that we want every conceivable electronic function—or every conceivable thing or...

Don’t let the mistakes of man make you someone you never intended to be.


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