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Devotions on Success

When we are about to speak we would do well to stop and ask ourselves these questions.

When we least feel like proclaiming a shout of praise and victory, that is the time to do it.

Are you waiting for a sign from God that He is calling you?

We can live out our faith under obligation to all the things we ought to do or in holy pursuit of the person God has created us to be.

Focusing on the next step was my key to hiking the Grand Canyon.

Grace is more than something given, idly sitting somewhere; it is at work in us.

Mary missed the closeness she once felt with the Lord. A visit with her grandmother revealed the reason.

God chooses to work through the humble so that others can follow Him not them.

I often wonder what my family and others observe in my life. Do they see me honoring the Lord? 

Just like the Israelites, how many Christians get stuck in the wilderness or even on the edge of their promised land?


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