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Devotions on Thankfulness

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Devotions on Thankfulness

Encourage your soul by remembering all God has done. Thankfulness is a spiritual weapon that brings peace.

One spiritual question many people wrestle with is why good people sometimes suffer, while so many bad people prosper. 

I have found this principle to be true: It is not happy people who are thankful—it is thankful people who are happy.

Thank you for your undivided attention for me; treating me as your only child when I'm talking, even though you have countless children.

The one word that comes to mind when I think of July 4th is FREEDOM.

As you go throughout your day, pray that God will put His words into your mouth.

It is hard to condemn the nine healed lepers who failed to show Jesus their gratitude when I think of the many times I have forgotten to thank God.

Are we giving God our leftovers? Our second best? Our leftover time or money? 

Realizing we need to be forgiven is the first step toward our entrance into Heaven. 

A prayer to bless someone in need with food has unexpected results.


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