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Devotions on Valentine's Day

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Devotions on Valentine's Day

I usually spend this day reflecting on the One who has my heart, my special Valentine.

The God of the universe bent down from Heaven, leaned toward mankind, and expressed His love for us.

Through it all, we’ve found hope in offering each other one more chance for redemption.

God chose to love us before any of us loved Him. Love is a deliberate action.

Maybe we should use February 14 to reach out to those who don't come to mind when we think of valentines.

Over the last 50 years or so, love has become synonymous with sex. Sad to say, most people don’t know the difference.

God promises never to leave or forsake us, to answer us when we call, day or night. We need to tell Him how much we love Him 365 days a year as well...

We each have been created to love and be loved. Our deepest desires come from the heart that longs to be pursued.

Your love story, no matter how simple or how elaborate, was designed by God. He perfected it. He wrote it. He even illustrated it and signed his name...

God's heart is so big for us. His love is so awesome. He wants only what is best for us.


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