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Devotions on Waiting on God

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Devotions on Waiting on God

Pray. Trust. Never give up hope on your prayer.

How do we know if we should just be still and watch our Father at work or pick up a tool and help?

As my anxious heart prays to a forgiving, loving, faithful God, I begin to taste His peace. 

Discover the ways God speaks and you will be able to hear Him more clearly.

Stimulus bills have pumped trillions into the USA's economy, but even the government does not have unlimited resources.

When we try hard to make something happen—even by prayer—it is often like rowing in a storm-tossed sea.

Jesus doesn't want us to panic. Just have faith.

It does no good to be impatient with God.

Even though I pray for God's will in my life, I find it hard to see how God is using me.

Spiritual readiness cannot be bought or borrowed at the last minute.


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