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John Humphries was so tired of living by uppers and downers, but he wasn’t convinced God could really remove his addiction until...

After trying for years to conceive, Hannah and Craig were overjoyed at the birth of their son Kase. Yet, when he was diagnosed with a disease most...

When the best medicine has to offer does not improve the oxygen levels for Jerolyn’s special needs son, Vincent, who is suffering with COVID-19, she...

Omar and Danielle Gonzalez began their relationship focused on the instant gratification of drugs, alcohol, and sex, but they learned that to...

Having been overcome by pain, Elizabeth Verver stood at the precipice of suicide when a stronger voice of hope beckoned her to choose life.

Josie emcees with MollyJean and Malachi as contestants. Josie gives MJ and Malachi two possible answers and a clue and they have to choose the...

Morgan and Joel dedicate a whole episode to answering viewer's questions.

Josh and Miriam share emails and videos from our fans all around the world.

Naomi and Kaitlin talk about the discovery of the road from the Pool of Siloam to the Temple.

Abused and assaulted by a foster dad, Schwartzen found sanctuary on the basketball court where his natural abilities gave him identity, but this only...


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