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How an early life-lesson gave one man the faith to save thousands of orphans.

A pastor in Wuhan, China, declares the church is called to suffer with – and serve – their city in the coronavirus crisis.

Virginia’s new Democratic majority in the state’s government gives nation a model of progressive agenda in politics. Senate Impeachment trial...

Emma and MollyJean answer a viewers question asking if we have to go to church to be a good Christian?

How an early life-lesson gave one man the faith to save thousands of orphans.

A village of Christians in China empties a nearby orphanage and welcomes hundreds of autistic children into their homes.

Assassinated by North Korean agents. Pastor shares gospel with thousand people before his death.; China uses AI against Christians. How they’re...

Pastor Derek Grier shares his journey from being a skeptic influenced by the Nation of Islam to the founder of a growing church.

Meghan Thompson discovered she had a baseball sized tumor in her stomach just two weeks after her honeymoon. Doctors needed to act quickly to remove...

A former lesbian testifies of the TRANSFORMING power of Jesus! Author and spoken word artist Jackie Hill-Perry shares how she encountered God’s...


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