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Videos on Happiness and Joy

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Videos on Happiness and Joy

You remember her as ABC’s first Bachelorette, but today Trista is a wife and mother of two persevering through life’s twists and turns guided by her...

Harris wanted to be a magician since he was 9-years-old. He gained fame and riches but discovered those were only illusions of true happiness found...

Tormented by her classmates’ cruel taunts, Anya cried out to God for help. See how God answered her prayer.

Six-year-old Joel’s fear of performing was keeping him out of his church Easter program. Learn how watching “Superbook” helped Joel overcome his...

Ever since Joy was born, her parents tried to save up to afford surgery for her cleft palate and lip. Eight years later, these poor farmers still...

Dr. Ireland pastors a church of 5,000 members who, collectively, lost thousands of pounds... and they did it all by learning the secret to happiness.

How can I be happy like the people I see on your show? Pat Robertson answers this question and more.

Pat answers: Should I take back my cheating husband? What does it mean when I have a bad feeling? How do I be less shy?

Thanks to those who support CBN Israel, Tanya, a Holocaust survivor, receives the food and encouragement she needs during the COVID-19 crisis.

Vicky Otto thought the arthritis in her knees was just a part of getting older but as the pain increased and medicine only provided temporary relief...


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