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Videos on Prayer

He heard a voice call his name and saw a vision of Christ. This was miraculous, because up until then, Kamal was a Muslim.

As the coronavirus spreads globally, Christians should keep their focus on God and share their peace with the world.

Carol Arnott shares how to rest and soak in prayer to hear God's voice, receive divine healing, and experience His love like never before.

A family cabin explodes and a father is left severely burned and clinging to life. Miraculously he recovers.

Arynn Andrews struggled with depression and attempted suicide at age 19. Hear what life- changing advice she was given while she was...

Prophetic minister Shawn Bolz prophesied four years that Kanye West could become a Christian worship leader. Today, Bolz is predicting that...

Take a look at how Virginia museums are seeking to present African-American history in a more meaningful way.

Ken Davis suffered a massive heart attack while playing softball; miraculously, divine events unfolded to bring him back to life.

2018 Miss Black New Jersey, discusses how to walk in confident faith as a daughter of the King through trials and triumphs.

Sarah Bowling travels the world saving babies & toddlers as founder of Saving Moses, a humanitarian organization and tells us why these children...


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