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Videos on Sickness

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Videos on Sickness

Tun lost his leg to a land mine explosion. With one leg he journeys an hour each way to bring home dirty water for his family. The pain is...

When modern medicine could not help relieve his pain, Art found a way to be healed – but he first had to trust God and find forgiveness for others.

Lang’s mom carried him on her back everywhere—but it was no game. Lang was weak from a hole in his heart. One day he collapsed. Was he going to die?...

For generations, this village has been plagued with the sickness and death that come from drinking contaminated water. But today, they have a reason...

Savita and her husband had to sell their livestock after sickness struck their family. Discover how they found Jesus, healing, and a brand-new future...

Jeffery Thompson died on the died during a routine surgery. Hear his account of what happened next.

Imagine being told your baby needed immediate surgery or she would die. Now imagine having no money to pay for a surgery.

Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen answer the following question: When a person develops an illness does this mean the person brought it upon...

If Jesus said "by my stripes, you were healed," why do we as Christians still have afflictions? Pat Robertson answers this question and more.

Kwami was healed of chronic pain while watching The 700 Club and it would soon lead to the best decision he would ever make.


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