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Videos on Spiritual Warfare

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Videos on Spiritual Warfare

Rejected by her father, and then her husband, Marisol turned to palm readers and voodoo to find meaning in her life.

Author Bill Hamon discusses how the Church can work together to be victorious in Christ.

Simone believed she was doing good by pursuing the highest level of the occult until she realized she had become an ambassador for evil. Learn more...

An abusive relationship in high school left Alexis with troubling thoughts that eventually developed into severe mental illnesses. Learn more about...

LaTau’s dream of becoming a lawyer is in jeopardy when she suffers two car accidents that nearly claim her cognitive abilities, but a community...

After years of studying meditation and communicating with spirits, the demonic forces in Jessica's life fought back when she turned her attention to...

Abuse and bullying pushed Brian into a life of drugs, crime, and the occult. His mother challenged him every step of the way until the powers they...

Maura was raised surrounded by the occult, and looked to spirits for wisdom and direction. Though she felt their power, she felt hopeless and empty....

Emily longed for approval and acceptance and as a college student she dabbled in false religions.

In his new book, “The Weapon of Prayer” pastor David Ireland shares that we can be successful spiritual warriors by wielding prayer as a weapon.


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