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The Grace and Lace Story of Tragedy to Triumph

After appearing on Shark Tank and landing a deal, the Hinnant’s sock company, Grace and Lace, grew exponentially. Rick and Melissa turned their business success and the tragedy of losing a child born prematurely, into fuel for helping kids without homes. To date they have built seven orphanages in India, with the goal of building hundreds more.

700 Club Interactive - June 22, 2017

Howard Conder, founder of Revelation TV in London, discusses the spiritual climate in England and shares how the "Quote Jesus" campaign, where quotes of Jesus were placed on London city buses, impacts the country.

700 Club Interactive - June 21, 2017

A man’s dream comes true, making it big in the music business. However, he found life at the top empty.

Boat Business Faces "Walk on Water" Faith Test

Bill and Launa are devoted to their boat business, and began tithing out of obedience. When the recession hit, they nearly lost everything and their obedience was tested.

Melissa Francis Dishes about Faith, Family, Fox News and Lessons from the Prairie

Fox Business anchor Melissa Francis talks with Wendy Griffith about her life as a child actor, her faith, and her new book, Lessons I Learned on the Prairie.

Filmmaking Is Family Business for this Father and Son

Watching movies isn’t just something Chris and Caleb do for entertainment—both of them are passionate about filmmaking, and they have pursued degrees to make their dream a reality.

The Start-Up Company That Outgrew Facebook

Brandi Temple's apparel company began by chance in 2009, and quickly grew into a multi-million dollar business called Lolly Wolly Doodle. She shares about her faith and developing her company.

Business Meeting Gives Music Exec New Lease on Life

Jason found his calling early on, and quickly climbed his way to the top of the music business and had all he could ever want. But without the love he craved, he was seconds away from suicide when he received a phone call.

The 700 Club - May 4, 2017

Jon and Lanette lost their business and had over $52,000 of debt. They relied on an important principle, prayed for a miracle, and were amazed by the result. See what happened.

To Grandma’s House for Food

Ahmue was pregnant; her husband in jail. With each passing month, she had more difficulty feeding her two children and keeping up with her crafts business. So they often visited grandma for meals. But a baby was coming. They needed more help. Who cared enough to reach out to this struggling family?

Time to Make Your Money Grow!

To grow your money, you typically have to start out small. Bruce and Sharon started out small in their business, but they made a strategic choice early on that has brought them to the point of being debt free. Learn what they did that can help you too.

Christian World News - April 14, 2017

This week on Christian World News: Historical proof for the resurrection. Three experts make their case for the risen Christ. Plus, you might call it the family business. The role Jesus's brothers and cousins played in leading the early church. And, food for the journey. How Jews are keeping alive a biblical tradition thousands of years after the Exodus from Egypt.

Texas Truck Driver in Fatal Church Bus Crash Identified

The truck driver involved in a fatal accident with a church bus in Texas last month had been on pills, had marijuana in his truck and was texting before the accident, according to officials. 

CBN NewsWatch: April 13, 2017

On CBN Newswatch, April 13: 'We're not getting along at all': US-Russian relations go into deep freeze; Driver in fatal Texas church bus crash was DWT and had marijuana, and more.

700 Club Interactive - April 10, 2017

Ugandan children are being kidnapped and murdered as part of a thriving human sacrifice business.

700 Club Interactive - March 24, 2017

The founders of “Grace & Lace”, Rich & Melissa Hinnant, will share how they started their business and ministry after the loss of their baby and went on to win a partnership on Shark Tank.


Broadcaster Crosses Intersection of Sports and Faith

Former NFL quarterback Brock Huard lends his career experience to feed the growing demand in sports talk radio along with his podcast Above and Beyond, encouraging audiences with stories of faith.

Rory Feek Remembers Life with Joey

Grammy-winning country music star Rory Feek looks back on his life and career with his wife Joey.

NFL Draft Pick Cooper Kupp Prepares for Impactful Career

Selected by the Los Angeles Rams in the 2017 NFL Draft, 23-year-old Cooper Kupp is entering his rookie season with high expectations and a reputation of unwavering commitment to his faith.

700 Club Interactive - May 10, 2017

Baseball Player Derrick Pyles shares how he got back into the game after a hip injury almost cost him his career.

Sailor Chooses Higher Calling

Wallie, a Navy chaplain’s assistant, felt called to pursue a career chaplaincy. That meant months of financial hardship while he returned to school. He and his wife Jenny decided to tough it out despite needed home repairs and their third child on the way. See how friends like you were moved by this exemplary couple’s steadfast faith.

Baseball Player Risks Career Playing on Injured Hip

Derrick Pyles suffered in silence for 8 months until a chance encounter saved his livelihood.

Christian Music's Steven Curtis Chapman Tells His Story

The most awarded artist in Christian music shares about the early days of his career, the death of his daughter, and his new book Between Heaven and the Real World.

Novelist Uses New Book to Highlight PTSD

Terri Blackstock discusses her 30-year career and her latest Christian thriller, If I'm Found, which showcases how Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affects her main characters for different reasons.

Desperation Brought This Couple Together

Addicted to drugs and searching for a new modeling gig, Will moved to LA and needed a place to stay. Ranae needed someone to love after her career was devastated by scandal, so she took him in. They fell in love, then fell in love with God.

The 700 Club - February 17, 2017

Learn about the prayer that launched a movement one hundred believers strong. Plus, a football player embarks on an unlikely second career in the arts.

NFL Running Back Chooses Pulpit Over Playbook

Napoleon Kaufman is a former Oakland Raiders running back who surprisingly retired in the prime of his successful, NFL career at the age of 27. He says his choice to leave was an act of obedience to God.

The 700 Club - January 10, 2017

The blogger being “Design for Mankind,” Erin Loechner explains why she took a major step back at the height of her career. Plus, the absence of a father sets another child on the course for destruction. See how God works a miracle on today’s 700 Club.

College Football Legend Bobby Bowden Reflects on Storied Career

Coach Bowden encourages a 4th quarter perspective to live and finish life with eternity as the trophied reward.

Olympic High Jumper Settles In for Golden Career

18 year-old Vashti Cunningham is the youngest U.S. Olympic High Jumper since 1980. The recent high school graduate won the 2016 World Indoor Championship before signing with Nike to compete professionally.

Miracle Healing Sets Boy on Path to Football Career

Diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome as a boy, Stephen Johnson battled for five years before a miracle happened. Today Steven takes his resolve to overcome obstacles as the quarterback for the Kentucky Wildcats.

Entrapment or Smart Policing? Using Bait Cars to Catch Career Criminals

The Bible says "your sin shall find you out,"  and that's becoming even more likely in Fort Worth, Texas, because of one special operations unit of their police force. 

Christian Leadership

Why Christian Leaders Are Speaking Out Against 'Immoral' Budget Cuts

A coalition of church leaders from around the country flew into the nation's capital to personally meet with lawmakers over what they're calling "immoral" budget cuts.

Waiting on God and the Government: Will Trump Show 'Heart?'

More than one million young immigrants are waiting on Washington to decide their fate. This is the story of two young women, caught up in the system with their futures at stake.

'Their Lives Matter to God.' What Faith Leaders Are Saying about Refugee Ban

Dr. Samuel Rodriguez is one of the most influential Latino leaders in America. Now he and seven other Christian leaders are urging President Trump to reconsider his refugee policy saying, "each refugee, regardless of their country of origin, religious background, or any other qualifier - is made in the image of God."

News on The 700 Club: January 12, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," January 12: Tough times ahead for White House-media relations?; Christian leaders descend on nation's capital to take a stand for Israel, and more.

Christian Leaders Descend on Nation's Capital to Take a Stand for Israel

This week, more than 250 leaders with Christians United For Israel are in the nation's capital to speak up for Israel in light of the United Nation's recent controversial resolution.

Education Sunday: Churches Gear Up for Back-to-School Encouragement

As students head back to school, one national organization wants churches to get involved by celebrating Education Sunday, Sept. 4.

CBN News Minute - June 22, 2016

YOUR DAILY NEWS IN A FLASH: TRUMPVANGELICALS - @CBNNews Takes You Inside Trump’s Private Meeting with Christian Leaders… Illinois Lawmakers Push for More Islamic Influence… North Korea Goes Ballistic. Watch the CBN NewsMinute for June 22, 2016.

Latino Leader Samuel Rodriguez: Trump Is Not a Racist

The head of the nation's largest Latino evangelical organization told CBN News Thursday that Donald Trump is not a racist.

CBN News Showcase: Islam: Terrorizer or Peacemaker? - April 2, 2016

On CBN News Showcase, April 2: A Pakistani Christian leader shares what the church in Pakistan is facing following the Easter bombings. And, Nabeel Qureshi shares about Islam from the perspective of an insider.

The 700 Club - February 24, 2016

Christian leader Lou Engle looks towards the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival. Plus, a pesky acid reflux condition is eradicated by a prayer.

Christian World News - October 9, 2015

This Week on Christian World News: Churches closed and pastors jailed, yet Christian leaders believe God is transforming their Muslim nation. Plus, she survived a deadly rampage. How a friend's final act saved this pastor's daughter. And, this man hit rock bottom and learned that serving others was his way back.

News on The 700 Club: August 28, 2015

As seen on "The 700 Club," Aug.28: Clinton likens pro-life candidates to terrorists; Storm Erika hits Caribbean, mudslide kills residents; Christian leaders: War Room could change a nation; and more.

Personal Finance

She Earned Huge Investment Returns

Cindy found an investment strategy that paid huge returns with no chance of losing. See if her investment plan will work for you.

Lee Jenkins on Money

This managing partner in an investment firm offers real solutions to the financial challenges we face today.

Bring It On: Replace or Repair

Should I be concerned about a bank going "bust"? How would I know when to repair or replace a car? Does God use financial provision as answers to prayer?

You Can Live Happily as a Cheapskate

Author Jeff Yeager is teaching Americans how to stretch their dollar, and how to be more of what he calls a "cheapskate."

Bring It On: Oil Spill

Is the invoice the actual price of cars today? Do warehouse stores really save you that much? Does BP have the money to pay for all the damage done?

Money Monday -- Debt Reduction Plan

Gordon Robertson discusses various strategies to rid yourself of debt.

Money Monday -- The Rule of 72

Pat Robertson teaches from the book of Matthew on biblically based financial principles.

Bring It On: Credit Counseling

Pat Robertson answers the following Bring It On questions: Is credit counseling a good way to pay off debt? Will we enter a recession? What if I don't have a special skill?

Jim Rogers: The Bull in China

Pat Robertson interviews author Jim Rogers on China's booming economy.

Bring It On: Living Trusts

Pat Robertson answers the following Bring It On questions: Should our IRA accounts be separate or joined? Is ethanol still a good investment? What is an irrecovable living trust?

Bring It On: Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

Pat Robertson answers the following Bring It On questions: What should I do with my oil stock? Is teaching fighting skills something the Lord would want me to do? How do I avoid get-rich-quick schemes?

Bring It On: Income-Producing Assets

Pat Robertson answers the following Bring It On questions: Should we leave our parents in debt? What are income-producing assets? Can I put my investments in other currencies?

Bring It On: Buying Cars with Cash

Pat Robertson answers the following Bring It On questions. Can I buy my car in cash? What are the best qualities for new employees? Who offers compound interest?

Bring It On: Credit Scores

Gordon Robertson answers the following Bring It On questions: Should I purchase life insurance for my sons? How can I build up my credit score? Should we declare bankruptcy?

Bring It On: Financial Planners

Pat Robertson answers the following Bring It On questions: How do I sell stock for my parents? Should paying off debt be the priority? What qualifications should a financial planner have?

Get In God's Blessings

When Andrew was laid off, things got scary in the Chase household. Even through that difficult time, the Chases stood firm on one principle.