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On The Home Front - March 3, 2020

Reducing Infant Mortality

Pat and Terry pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing.

CBN Films takes you behind the scenes of "I Am Patrick." See breathtaking scenery on the Emerald Isle and hear from members of the Irish cast...

Take a look behind the scenes of CBN’s docudrama “I Am Patrick,” and dispel the myths of Saint Patrick.


Deconversion stories are becoming more and more common in our culture. Dan and Dale tackle this controversial topic by deconstructing what seems to...

After engine failure, a plane crashes into the icy waters of the Potomac, but one survivor encounters a soothing presence. Plus, a centuries’ old...

An addict pops his final pills triggering an ecstasy overdose. Hear his last words and what saved his life on today’s 700 Club.

An arthritis sufferer gets a new lease on pain-free living. Plus, CBN News goes behind the mass exodus of Christianity in Europe.

Musician and journalist John Tesh joins us live to share about his recent health crisis, his career and the relentless pursuit of success. Plus, see...

From one college campus to 240 countries around the world, see how the Holy Sprit moved throughout the Catholic Church and sparked a global revival...

Glimpse the sets and locations of CBN’s I Am Patrick, a docudrama that captures the true legacy of Ireland’s patron saint.

Julie worried her arthritis would prevent her from being the hands and feet of Jesus, but God had other plans.

See the making of one of I Am Patrick’s integral scenes – the moment Saint Patrick defied the High King of Ireland by lighting the Paschal Fire.

Award-winning artists David and Tamela Mann Tamela discuss their new book and love CD titled "Us Against The World."