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Abba's House in Hixson, Tenn., began their Celebrate Freedom ministry for substance abuse. God grew the program into a broader ministry.

I've heard about people's brains shrinking as they get older. Is this true and how can I prevent it?

Iran's president has compared his country's nuclear program to a train with no brakes and no reverse gear.

You are sending doctors to remote areas of the world to heal people in Jesus’ name. See their amazing stories.

Author of the Boundaries series, Dr. Henry Cloud discusses the importance of integrity. A man recalls his childhood being a drug mule for his uncle....

Dr. Arnon Krongrad, a pioneering urologist, talks to Pat Robertson about preventing prostate cancer in men.

When Phou became ill, he had no idea how dangerous his condition was. But, CBN Partners sent medical help to his village.

I don' t love my husband. Is it a sin to daydream about another man? Pat Robertson answers these questions and more.

Is caffeine safe to drink? As a 40-year-old, what are the major health threats for men? Pat Robertson answers these questions and more.

When CBN Partners began to dig wells in this area of India, hostile Hindu villagers started believing in Jesus.

Pat Robertson answers the following Bring It On question: Does it make a difference if I pray silently or out loud?

Pat answers: Should I take back my cheating husband? What does it mean when I have a bad feeling? How do I be less shy?

Can I talk to a friend about my fears? How can I see God as a father? Why is Israel God's "chosen people"?

What can be done about a co-worker taking credit for others' work? Are "checks in our Spirit" a real concern? How important is Israel to Christians...

What is an "Elevator Pitch"?

Regent University Preview students ask Gordon Robertson their Bring It On questions.


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