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Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary shares 21-day financial plan. Also, a pro wrestler has the match of his life.

A man survives a murder plot orchestrated by his own daughter. A woman's family prays for her after she's eletrocuted. Also, CBN News updates us on...

Dr. Dolgoff makes good nutrition easy for you and your kids with this simple eating plan. A Tennessee Titan shares his faith. Also, a woman is healed...

Evangelist and author Shaneen Clarke talks about the power of fasting. Also, a young woman finds a new spiritual connection.

When disaster strikes, we strike back. See what partners are doing in Haiti and around the world in the name of Jesus Christ.

Children all over the world have healthy drinking water and beds to sleep in because you were there.

Families in China and all over the world are seeing the love of Jesus thanks to CBN Partners like you.

Jason dreamed of a new occupation. See how his plan and perseverance caused him to be in the top one percent of earners in his new career. What's...

From Haiti to Israel, Operation Blessing is reaching to people in need around the world -- and it's all because of CBN Partners

Rebecca St. James talks about her new movie role. A fashion model looks for security and acceptance. Also, CBN News continues to cover the tragedy in...

Pastor Eddie Long explains his new book, 60 Seconds to Greatness. A top-selling Christian songwriter coped with his failing marriage with alcohol and...

A woman believes she will never be whole after multiple rapes and molestation. Also, see clips from CBN’s New Years Day chapel service.

A man dies after being shot multiple times by strangers. Also, a father and son do drugs together and find their way out as a family.

A state trooper forgives the man who shot him and left him for dead in the street. Also, go in the kitchen with Kristi Watts and chef Rick Tramonto.

Actor Kirk Cameron shares his testimony. Also, musician Phil Keaggy talks with Scott Ross about being inducted in the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

Crack addict Thaddeus Bruce overcame his addiction with the help of a praying 4-year-old. Plus, Adam Cunningham was a selfish husband and dad until...


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