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18-year-old Melissa Coles chose life on an abortionist's table. Her choice, adoption, gave a childless couple a son who has grown into a powerful...

Rashawn Copeland discusses how losing his way as a young man led to thinking of suicide and years later after reading the Bible he was changed.

Partying, sex and drugs didn't give Kammy James the acceptance and love she longed for. When she turned to Jesus for help everything changed.

Keith was successful in the porn industry as a producer/seller. He knew it was wrong and there was a void in his life. Only a relationship with God...

Julian McCray's fatherless quest for affirmation led him down a destructive path of drug addiction, but God called him out of darkness into new life.

When his son Ryan was injured playing football, pastor Vernon Shazier began a fight of his own, a fight of faith.

Renee should have hated. She should have wanted him dead. But instead, this mother forgave the man who killed her twenty-year-old twin daughter.

Renee pursued a life of wealth and fame, but never felt truly happy or loved until she discovered God's love for her.

Hedieh spent most of her adult life seeking God in Islam. She saw a pastor’s message on YouTube and found assurance of salvation through Jesus.

Melissa and Mike lost two pregnancies to miscarriage and unable to get pregnant again. Melissa heard a word of knowledge from Wendy about infertility...

Jocelynn suffered several miscarriages, was addicted to opioids and became a felon. While in jail she got saved and delivered from her addictions.

While trying to start her lawn mower, Heather Lewis tore a ligament in her finger. Lack of mobility and pain plagued her for over 4 years until one...

A jet ski accident sent 22-year-old Kyle Hollingsworth to the ICU, clinging to life, while prayer swept throughout the world.

A burst ulcer caused Joyce Partenheimer to develop Sepsis. Doctors didn't think she would survive but through prayer, she made a miraculous recovery.

Simone was in the occult most of her life until she watched a testimony of a man delivered from the occult.

Rebekah Biscchoff had severe endometriosis and difficulty getting pregnant. When she delivered her second child, a disease called HELLP Syndrome...