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He struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder and alcoholism after being shot during a traffic stop.

Today we see how a Wyoming state trooper, after being shot several times, struggled with problems, but found the power to forgive.

A story about a man who did anything to get a hold of drugs... until God changed his desires. Also, Gordon and Terry discuss pray for a prodigal...

She had a large, painful cyst on her wrist, until she realized she could pray with authority for her healing.

Kristi Watts and the chef get in the kitchen to prepare Mezza Rigatoni with Mussels and Asparagus.

Stella Reaves was a single mom with $50,000 in debt when she decided to take the good advice of a friend.

The 700 Club, June 29, 2009: Testimonies of financial miracles, humanitarian missions and news from around the world.

Gordon and Terry discuss how to get answers to prayer in your time of need. Also, they pray for man in the hospital with complications and a couple...

A man without arms or legs is being used to spread the gospel around the world. Also, CBN News reports on Christians in Bhutan.

A pastor survives being in the eye of a tornado. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a woman suffering from anxiety.

Reimagine the all new Superbook. Also, a musician shares her journey to Christ after being a cutter.

Todd White shows some street dancers the healing powers of God. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a woman with medical problems and unforgiveness and a...

It's Money Monday, and Pat answers questions about your portfolio. Plus, a single mother and prostitute comes alive in Christ.

A life of sexual abuse and prostitution left Ateba dead inside. Jesus was the only one who could open her heart.

Pat Robertson answers viewer questions on researching stocks, rebalancing and the U.S. federal debt.

Pat Robertson answers viewer questions on children attending adult parties and christians getting involved with politics.