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Gen-Z social media influencer Yamilexis Fernandez broke the cycle of witchcraft, addiction, and abuse in her family and now shares the Gospel through...

Author Jeremy Johnson encourages you to dethrone the spirit of fear that wars against your destiny.

Having survived a stage 3 cancer diagnosis, TV veteran and award-winning musician, John Tesh, has firsthand experience with the power of prayer....

Entrepreneur Kristin Johns shares some of her best recipes, design inspiration, and ways to find nourishment in every season of life.

Efrem Graham sits down with The Chosen’s Vice President of Creative Content about the upcoming season 4 of the popular series centered on the life...

Author Jackie Hill Perry shares about her new devotional about prayer, Upon Waking.

Christian musical artist, Justin Gambino, shares his story of faith and the power of reaching people through his music.

Recording artist, Justin Gambino, performs “A Father’s Heart” from the 700 Club Interactive studio.

Pastor John Burke has studied more than a thousand near death experiences chronicled in his book, Imagine the God of Heaven. He explains how these...

A leading voice in the faith and work movement, author Jordan Raynor, shares strategies to manage your time in a Christ-like fashion.

Dr. Josh Axe shares about his recent medical crisis that nearly left him paralyzed and how he beat the odds through prayer, alternative medicine, and...

Kyle Brush was a shy kid who grew up in a Christian home, but was lured away by skateboard culture. Now being a single father himself, with a failed...

Alveda King shares the Christmas traditions of the Martin Luther King, Jr. family and some of their favorite recipes for the holiday season.

Podcasters Kait and JJ Tomlin share about being newlyweds and learning the art of marriage with grace and lots of humor.

Faith Eury Cho shares how to maintain a deep connection with God when we feel lost and forgotten.

Madison Prewett discusses how Gen Z can live counter to the culture.


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