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Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key discuss the power found in the name of Jesus and how believers can experience it in daily life situations.

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key answer 700 Club Interactive viewer questions.

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key discuss CBN Founder Pat Robertson’s vision for 2022 heard at the New Year’s Day Chapel.

Our own Terry Meeuwsen shares her favorite Christmas snacks your whole family and friends are sure to enjoy.

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key answer viewer questions.

This bestselling author and award-winning TV host shares her conversations with well-known personalities about who Jesus is in her most recent book...

Tabitha Goldsmith shares her family’s journey from fostering to adoption and growing to a family of ten.

With Christmas right around the corner, Ashley shares a simple way to make a holiday treat with easy-to-bake cookie recipe, a family favorite.

Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson discuss the Astroworld tragedy and the dangers of being blind to the darkness behind this genre of music and its...

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key discuss the keys to being more than a conqueror.

Roberto Torres-Cedillo delves into the rich, Biblical meaning of peace (Shalom) and explains how only Jesus is the fulfillment of our heat's cry for...

The Abernathy’s have been married for 24 years and never imagined adopting two young kids until they met Zoey and Tyler.

YouTube sensation Jefferson Bethke encourages you to be proactive in reclaiming your family from the clutches of culture’s individualistic and...

This worship leader and songwriter will discuss her experiences living in Israel as a Christian, her heart for the Arab world and the story behind...

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key discuss facing adversity because of faith highlighted by recent events in Haiti in regard to the kidnapping of...

700 Club Interactive’s Gordon Robertson and Ashely Key discuss the strategies for effective evangelism in the current age.