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A woman diagnosed with cancer shares the one thing that carried her through the darkest time of her life.

Sarah Armijo only knew fear and pain when it came to relationships since her childhood to early adolescence was filled with domestic and sexual abuse...

Former Green Beret and Medal of Honor recipient, Gary Beikirch views the most prestigious military decoration as a symbol of dying to self and caring...

At 33-weeks pregnant Angela Primachenko and her unborn baby's lives are threatened by COVID, but her family launches an international prayer...

A mother and father struggle to forgive and love their oldest son, who killed their two youngest children.

Morgan and Joel dedicate a whole episode to answering viewer's questions.

NFL’s most accomplished punter Thomas Morstead reminds families to focus this additional time at home due to COVID-19 on strengthening their...

A young married couple find their way back to each other after divorce. Worship Leader Dante Bowe, performs his hit song The Giant Is Dead on the TPi...

Tammy’s “Mitsy Kit” enables the visually impaired and disabled to sew face masks and brings families together, including her own.

Dr. Tony Evans discusses the importance of Christians living in unity.

A South African Woman's life is restored after nearly being burned alive by her husband.

Joel and Morgan explain how our favorite pets can teach us a lot about our relationship with God.

Legendary singer Larnelle Harris sits down with Erica Linney to discuss his life, musical career and latest book, Shaped Notes.

Author Ryan Bomberger discusses how to have a life of purpose.

Author David Ireland discusses racial and cultural disharmony and how the church is called to demonstrate unity.

Despite being born with Cerebral Palsy, Fanie Van Der Merwe became a gold medalist runner who helps young athletes with disabilities ful?ll their...