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DavidB 08/16/07

Huckabee's Straw Poll Showing Moves Him Closer to Top Tier

Now comes the hard part for Mike Huckabee. By placing a strong second in Ames, Mike Huckabee is on the cusp of the top tier. One problem: he needs money. Lots of money.  Huckabee is proving that his message is reasonating in Iowa. He's proven that he's a masterful debater. He proven that he can win on a shoestring budget. Now he needs to prove that he can raise money. It won't be easy. He doesn't have Mitt moneybags cash or Rudy's donors. This is a grassroots organization that somehow needs to go to the next level. Read more here.

We're about to find out if Huckabee can start raising some major cash. What he really needs is for some prominent Evangelical leaders to come out in support of him. That will help him even more with social conservatives looking for a 'sure thing" and one they can count on when it comes to the social issues. If a James Dobson gives him the OK, watch out. That could be game changing in the primaries.

Huckabee's soid showing in Ames has the potential to shake up this race. Maybe he'll go the way of Bill Clinton. The similarities are striking. They are both from Hope Arkansas. They are both former Governors of Arkansas. They both didn't garner much national attention early. They even both play a musical instrument! Bill Clinton's journey ended up at The White House. Before thinking about The White House, Mike Huckabee has to think about the fundraising circuit and hope people come armed with big appetittes and even bigger wads of cash.