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ErickS 08/16/07

New Troop Surge...Manned by Robots?

Well, it's the dog days of August, and my Philadelphia Eagles' season opener is still a few weeks off. So I figured I would spice things up a bit. And what better way to do that than with killer robots? Well, that may be an overstatement. But you have to admit, this is pretty cool:

U.S. military robots ran 30,000 missions in 2006 -- hunting for, and getting rid of, improvised explosives.  Now, the military has launched a crash project to radically increase its unmanned ground forces.  Call it the robotic equivalent of the "surge." 

The first batch of 'bots is due September 24, Defense News Kris Osborn reports.  1000 machines are supposed to be enlisted by the end of the year, with two thousand more in five years.

Word of the robot recruitment comes just weeks after the military revealed it had deployed armed robots to Iraq

Read it all. I hear these new developments have Governor Schwarzenegger fearing for his job.