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LeeW 08/16/07

What is Grace?

The legendary Vince Lombardi was known to use a clever coaching strategy during practice. He would grab a football, summon his players around him and say, "Gentlemen, this is a football." The point he wanted to drive home, of course, was the importance of football's fundamentals. As Christians, we need to be reminded of the fundamentals of our faith.

That's why I have "bookmarked" on my computer an article written several years ago by Dr. Jerry Bridges. Jerry spent many years on the staff of the Navigators. He's also a terrific speaker and author. The article, titled, "What is Grace?" is the best definition of that subject I've read. And every now and then, I review it to remind myself what is so amazing about God's grace.

The article appeared in the Fall 1998 edition of Reformed Quarterly, the official publication of Reformed Theological Seminary. I've attached it to my blog in case you need to return to the basics.

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