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The Need to Nest

Today, I sat on a hillside in the dwindling fall sun and soaked up the rays. Before me, the straw-colored hillside poured down into hazelnut orchards, which stepped down into the valley floor. While the green foliage is still abundant, the buttery yellow sun and tint of fall color announces the season.

Just this morning, my husband and I went for a walk in crisp morning fog, bundled in our fleece, and yet this afternoon I got a sunburn on the hill! Northwest autumns seem to have a paradoxical effect on me…I want to absorb the last ray of sunshine, as if lingering behind, but I also welcome the familiar fog of fall, looking forward to the season ahead.

Fall marks back-to-school time. After we get through that mad dash, we begin to turn homeward. It’s the season before the hectic holiday—the calm before the craze—when we want to nest and clear out the clutter. If you’re like me, you want to burn scented candles, arrange pumpkins and gourds, and enjoy a crackling fire in the fireplace on a rainy night. You begin thinking of re-doing rooms, getting rid of the excess, and settling in. Fall is a time to spruce up your home and refill your fuel tank after a busy summer.

As you feather your nest, here are some ideas to simplify, beautify, and re-connect:

Clear Out Cast-offs
In your clearing process, you can look online or check out our Donation Connection on our website to find out where you can donate, re-sell, or recycle your old belongings.

I’ve found that many folks who want to pare down are not quite ready to part with things they feel are “still good.” They keep a stash/pile/closet full of items that they someday plan to sell on eBay™ or at a consignment shop or at a garage sale. It’s time to get real because this stuff just hangs around in a holding pattern until someone does something with it. (This wishful stash seems not quite good enough to stay but too good to move on!) If this applies to you, and if you want to get some cash out of your cast-offs, check out online resources that will sell your household goods for you (like iSoldIt) but be prepared to pay a commission.

Paring down clears the way for you to enjoy your home to its fullest. After you’ve organized, you may want to reward yourself with some home decorating. Some cost-free, simple strategies to freshen up your space are: re-arranging to create easier traffic patterns, eliminating excessive knick-knacks, and re-purposing items you already have in new ways.

Lighting, slipcovers, and paint are inexpensive pick-me-ups for rooms that need a lift. Another great way to maximize the season is with fresh flowers: bring in those remaining roses or hydrangeas or anything that lingers in your yard (even colorful leaves) for a lovely fall bouquet.

Reclaim Your® Hobbies
Are your developed photos awaiting inclusion in photo albums? Are your digital images just hanging out on your camera’s memory cards or stuck on your hard drive? Fall is a great time to work on this practical project to preserve your family’s memories.

This autumn, get your favorite activities and people back on your calendar. I encourage you to reconnect with friends and create some new memories this season. Above all, feather your nest with your most important priorities!

Remember Those with No Nest
We can be thankful for the basic things we so often take for granted: a warm meal, a bed to sleep in, and a roof over our heads. As you nest this fall, take the time to remember those who have no home to call their own. Your local homeless shelter would likely be blessed by your blankets, winter clothing, and unused toiletries.

As we settle in and enjoy the fall, let’s reach out in hospitality and love. In my view, ordering your life is all about releasing your full potential and ability to serve. Join our discussion to share your insights and ideas!

Wishing you a cozy nest,
Vicki Norris

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